The Lord's Supper in the Lutheran Church

Perhaps never has a more dangerous enemy of the Lutheran doctrine of the Lord's Supper appeared than this pure crypto-Calvinism. It is dangerous because this time it has taken hold not only of Electoral Saxony but of a great part of world Lutheranism. It is dangerous because there is scarcely a Lutheran church leader - with or without a bishop's cross - who grasps its theological significance. It is dangerous because the modern Lutheran Church no longer seems to know how to wield the weapon that alone can overcome this opponent: the Scriptural witness of the "It is written". Here lies the fundamental reason why the Formula of Concord is today coming under such heavy attack. In it Luther's doctrine of the Lord's Supper is formulated in such a way that one cannot give it a new interpretation.

The Lord's Supper in the Lutheran Church
Letter to Lutheran Pastors, No. 6
May, 1949
(Translation by Norman Nagel, published in We Confess the Sacraments, Concordia Publishing House, 1985, p108)

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