This Is My Body

This inability* of exegetes to reach agreement on the meaning of the alleged parable is sufficient proof of the fact that the Last Supper was more than a parabolic action.

This Is My Body, Revised Edition
Lutheran Publishing House, Adelaide, 1977, p.294.

* Sasse is referring to modern Protestant interpretations of the Lord's Supper in vogue at the time of his writing (the late 1950s) which denied the Real Presence and regarded the Last Supper as an "enacted parable", after the model of some actions of the Old Testament prophets.

Editor's note: Sasse often used the term "Real Presence" as a shorthand reference to the sacramental union of the body and blood of Christ with the earthly elements of bread and wine. Unfortunately, since Sasse's death, the term seems to have taken on a deliberately ambiguous cast, and become an umbrella under which various doctrines of the sacrament take shelter together. The opinion of the editor is that the term "Real Presence" should presently be eschewed in favour of more precise language.

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