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The purpose of this weblog is to post quotations from the writings of the German-Australian Lutheran theologian, Dr Hermann Sasse (17 July 1895 – 9 August 1976), categorised for ease of reference.
I have been reading Sasse for some 15 years now, and have many quotations from his writings in my head. However, I am not always able to recall the original essay, book or context in which they appeared, hence this weblog.
I also hope to post some material I have gathered which may be of interest to fellow "Sassedotalists", including several obscure addresses given by Sasse in English in Australia in the 1950s and '60s, and some translations from the German of sermons and essays which to my knowledge are not available elsewhere.
The title of posts in most instances will simply be the title of the work from which the quote is taken - the subject of the post will be referenced in the category. Footnotes are generally excluded from the posted text, but where they do appear it will be in the text in brackets. Occasional explanatory notes from me as the editor/compiler will be identified by an asterisk*, but as far as possible it is my intention to let Sasse speak for himself.
Please contact me at acroamaticusatyahoodotcomdotau if you notice any typographical errors.

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After initiating this project, the thought occurred to me that I may be transgressing copyright laws. Since there is no commercial benefit to anyone in this endeavour, I am trusting that I can rely in this endeavour on the good graces of Concordia Publishing House, who hold the copyright to the Nagel translations. It is my hope that many who chance upon this site will be inspired to purchase the books quoted and read Sasse for themselves; one could scarecely find a better teacher in the subjects of Theology of the Cross, the Lord's Supper and Ecclesiology.

I have decided to write to CPH and seek their permission to post in this electronic format quotations from works they have published and hold copyright to.

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