The Inspiration of Holy Scripture

It is strange indeed that the common possession of all Christendom should always be the centre of disunity. All churches agree that the Bible is the Word of God. But what is the Bible? Not only the Canon but even the text of the Scriptures differsd in East and West, in Rome and in the Protestant churches. This difference, incidentally, already existed in the Church of the New Testament, which used side by side the Septuagint and the Hebrew Old Testament.
But even where the same books and the same text are read, deep differences exist concerning crucial questions. Does God's revelation come to us in the Scripture only, or also in the unwritten traditions of the Church and in an inner experience of the soul? Is Scripture its own interpreter or did Christ institute in his Church a teaching office which has to interpret Scripture with binding authority? These fundamental differences of opinion produce so many interpretations that the Bible has been called the book wherein everybody looks for his own views and finds them. Of what value, then, is the common conviction that the Bible is the Word of God?

From The Inspiration of Scripture, an article published in the American evangelical magazine Christianity Today, March 16, 1962.

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