The Inspiration of Holy Scripture

This loss of the authority of the Scriptures deprives modern Protestantism of its power to discuss doctrine with Rome. Roman Christians ask their "separated brethren" in the Protestant churches, if you reject the doctrine of Mary's immaculate conception as unscriptural, then why do so many of you reject also Christ's virgin birth, a doctrine which your fathers confessed with the Church of all ages and which undoubtedly is based on Holy Scripture?

From The Inspiration of Holy Scripture , an article published in the American Evangelical magazine Christianity Today, March 16, 1962.

Note: Sasse was writing before the Second Vatican Council had been convened (it was convened on 11 October, 1962). While that council did not alter Rome's dogmas, it did permit the entry of a liberalising spirit into Roman theology, particularly in its attitudes to scripture. This development was especially notable in Western Europe, North America and Australasia, such that in those places at least, Sasse's imaginary Roman interlocutors questioning modern Protestantism's liberal approach to scripture might be just that, imaginary!- M.H.

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