Second Sunday After Trinity (2)

Why has this doctrine* held such power over people? Why have people regarded it as gospel? Precisely because it seeks to be a Gospel, a message of salvation demanding the response of unquestioning faith! This faith is no longer faith in Jesus Christ, but in that which put itself forward to humanity as an alternative to him for the first time in the days of the French Revolution. For one hundred and fifty years now this doctrine has, with great conceit, set itself up as both Judge and Redeemer of the world. It has made itself the standard against which all things are measured, the Lord of humanity, demanding the worship of the whole world. It can never forgive the Christian church because it refuses to offer such worship.

* I.e. the doctrine of the radical equality of all human beings associated with the French Revolution.

From a sermon given on the Second Sunday after Trinity, 18th June, 1939 (Text: Romans 10:1-13).

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