Concerning the Hearing of God's Word

Why is there such a deep aversion to this word "sin"? Is it because we have heard it so often? Then why is it that we have not yet had enough of what we have heard proclaimed incessantly for two centuries now - namely, that humanity is good?
"Humanity is good"...
Why don't we find that boring?
Because we like to hear it!

From 'Concerning the Hearing of God's Word', a sermon preached on Rogate Sunday, 18th May, 1941, in Erlangen (Text: James 1:22-27).


  1. Amen. Thank you for your kind words left on my blog. Yes I love reading quotes from Sasse ever since reading "This is my body"

    God's peace. †

  2. Thank you , David.
    'This is My Body' is a great book.
    It was instrumental in my conversion to the Lutheran Faith.


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