The English Church & Rome

At one point, the English church had been the most faithful daughter of Rome; the first Germanic church where the pope truly ruled and from where the continent was Romanized since Boniface; the church of the cult of St. Peter … and of pilgrimages to Rome. No people loved St. Peter as much as the English; no people was then humiliated as much as the English by the successors of St. Peter when Innocent III turned England into a papal fiefdom. Since then the “no popery,” the English equivalent of the German “away from Rome,” sounds forth through the history of England. Only think of Wycliffe’s polemics against the papacy as the antichrist who during the last years of Wycliffe’s life lived in Rome and in Avignon.

From Letters to Lutheran Pastors #48, "Lambeth 1958"
Translated by Holger Sonntag and posted here with his kind permission.

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