Holy Church or Holy Writ? (1)

The dramatic story of this document* shows how important the problem it tries to solve is to the Roman church, and not only to this church. The question of the nature and the authority of the Word of God is today, along with the question of the church, its nature, its authority, its unity, foremost in the minds of all Christians on earth.

*The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation adopted by Vatican II and promulgated by Pope Paul VI on 18 November, 1965, the tortuous history of which provides the opening to Sasse's lecture. The extent to which this document saw Rome eschew the "two sources of revelation" theory which was taught by the Council of Trent, Rome's official response to the Reformation, remains a subject of discussion today.

Holy Church or Holy Writ, The Meaning of the Sola Scriptura of the Reformation, the 1967 Inter-Varsity Fellowship Annual Lecture given in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
(Published by the IVF Graduates' Fellowship, Sydney, 1967, p.4.)

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