Holy Church or Holy Writ (4)

(We should not) think that this crisis of the Roman Church will lead to a wonderful ecumenical church in which every Christian and every community which calls itself church could find a proper place after the terrible dogmatic attitudes of former centuries have finally been overcome. Such a 'church', as certain ecumenical enthusiasts envision it, the great future Reunited Church, based on a minimum of Christian faith and on a maximum of ecclesiastical and secular politics, would most certainly not be the Church of Christ, but the kingdom of Antichrist, while the true Church of Christ, as the little flock to which our Lord has promised the Kingdom (Luke 12:32), would pray in its catacombs the 'Marana tha' (1 Cor 16:22) of the first Church, 'Amen, Come Lord Jesus', in firm belief in his promise:'Surely, I am coming soon' (Rev 22:21).

Holy Church or Holy Writ?
The 1967 Annual Inter-Varsity Fellowship Lecture in Queensland
(For full bibliographic details see post no. 1 in this series.)
Note: In the original lecture, this paragraph continues directly on from the paragraph quoted in post no. 3 of this series.

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